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Cassandra "Cassie" Bowden is a main character on HBO Max's The Flight Attendant. She is portrayed by Kaley Cuoco, as well as by Audrey Grace Marshall in the character's youth. She is also occasionally known by the nickname "Cass."

She is the flight attendant who wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man and no idea what happened.



Throughout her childhood, Cassandra Bowden suffered a lot of emotional turmoil. She turned to alcohol to try to escape her past.[1] One of her earliest childhood memories is of hunting a deer with her father Hank Bowden. Although her father sometimes let her drink beer, it was not until after his death that she sneaked her first taste of hard alcohol. When she was young, she witnessed a plane crashing near her family's home and raced toward it. Everybody on the flight survived and afterwards, a flight attendant on the flight was featured heavily in interviews as having comforted the passengers on the plane, helping them to keep calm during the worst time of their lives. According to Cassie, it was seeing this that inspired her to become a flight attendant.

As a child, she was something of a tomboy, and far different from her brother Davey Bowden. She was favored by her father, who thought Davey a sissy, but has a skewed view of their past which she is forced to challenge as her life begins to unravel around her. She witnessed her father's abuse of Davey, but was at the same time a victim of his mind games, his favorite and his "drinking buddy." She blames herself for the car crash which took her father's life, but has never shared this with anyone.

Throughout the Series[]

"In Case of Emergency"[]

During a flight, Cassandra "Cassie" Bowden hits it off well with the passenger in seat 3C, Alex Sokolov. She tries to pretend to her co-workers that there is nothing going on, but she makes out with him in the plane's lavatory and then secretly accepts his business card. After the flight lands, the two share a torrid one-night stand, enjoying an evening of drinks, shopping and dinner before retiring to a hotel room, where things get steamy. The next morning, Cassie wakes to find she has barely any memory of the night before and then turns around. She stifles a scream as she sees Alex lying dead in the bed next to hers, his body covered in blood.

After silencing her phone, Cassie next calls her best friend, Annie Mouradian, who happens to be a lawyer. She starts rambling about a girl who was innocent, and Annie realizes that she's talking about Amanda Knox. Cassie asks if Knox called the police and Annie replies that she did call the police and was arrested. She sees that Cassie is in Bangkok and advises her to absolutely not get arrested in Bangkok under any circumstances, describing the laws there as "byzantine." After ending the call, Cassie takes a shower to clean up herself including her cut hand, and then cleans up the room as well. She then sneaks out of the hotel.

She boards her flight, fending off her boss Megan's inquiries, but has a hallucination of Alex telling her she's not going to be able to get away with she's doing. Seriously disturbed, she mistakenly serves the new air marshal vodka instead of his requested order of soda, leading Megan to wonder what she's thinking, trying to get the air marshal drunk. During a stopover in Seoul, she very nearly gets into a one-night stand with another man, but another hallucination of a painting of a praying mantis makes her think better of it. She drinks some more vodka and collapses for the night before boarding the plane for the final flight home. However, as they're arriving, Megan tells her that the authorities wish to speak with the first-class cabin crew in B-31. She tries to make a dash for it, but is caught by two gate agents and made to go to B-31. She waits while her co-workers are called in for their interviews, before finally going in herself. Once inside, she claims that she wasn't trying to flee, but was merely on auto-pilot after a long flight. She claims to the FBI agents, Kim Hammond and Van White, that she and Alex only spoke a few times. As she does so, however, she goes into another hallucination in which Alex comments that they know she's lying. She asks if she's going insane, wanting to know where they are. She pulls back a set of curtains and observes herself sitting with the two FBI agents. "I think you know more than you think you do," comments Alex, and he places a hand on her shoulder. She then has an out-of-focus recollection of a woman in a red dress.


Cassie remembers a bit about the woman, whose name is Miranda. Claiming tiredness, she ends the interview with the FBI agents, who agree that she should get some sleep. That night, however, she has trouble getting to sleep. She has another hallucination involving Alex, in which she pleads for him to actually be helpful. He asks what she recalls about Miranda and she says that he told her they were business associates. He points out that she still has his business card in her pocket. Based on this, she heads to his workplace, Unisphere Asset Management. There, she claims to be "Alessandra Richi," a business associate of Alex's. Things do not go well, however, as the receptionist, Sabrina Oznowich, seems troubled upon hearing the name and the lady that she meets with asks a lot of questions before leaving to summon two men. Cassie bolts before they can meet with her, knocking over a statue of a rabbit in the process and having a hallucination of hunting a rabbit with her father.

After fleeing the building, Cassie receives another call from the FBI agents, asking her to again come and meet with them. She agrees to the meeting, and then visits Annie. She tells her that the FBI asked if she had a lawyer and Annie shouts that she's her lawyer, Cassie replying that this is what she hoped she would say. The two of them work out a strategy as to how Cassie is to respond during the meeting. That night, Cassie meets an intriguing man named Buckley and has sex with him. The next morning, Cassie runs late for the FBI meeting and when it actually happens, things go off-the-rails entirely. Spurred on by another hallucination of Alex as well as photos of Alex's dead body and her disguised self, Cassie doesn't stick to the plan, breaking down and admitting that she met Alex on the plane and the two of them had sex. She also admits to Alex having mentioned a woman named Miranda, pleading for the FBI agents to look into her.

Determined to get answers about Miranda, Cassie tails the receptionist from Unisphere, Sabrina, to a bar. There, she gets her drunk and manages to get her to talk about Miranda. She gets out of Sabrina that the woman's full name is "Miranda Croft." sabrina also suggests that Alex and Miranda were dating, but broke off recently, and all but describes Miranda as having been a stalker. Cassie has another hallucination involving Alex in which the two of them agree that Miranda probably killed him. She then leaves the bar, unaware that she is being tailed by Miranda herself.


Cassie calls up Annie to talk about Sabrina, but Annie pleads with her to let her be the lawyer and deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Miranda loses Cassie's trail when she gets caught up in a group of street performers. Cassie takes Annie's advice and tries to resume her normal life, serving as a flight attendant on a flight to Rome. Once there, she has a bit of romance with a bartender, but things are interrupted when she encounters her boss, Megan, who hints at having secrets of her own.

Cassie returns home in the United States, only to discover that someone broke into her apartment and rifled through her possessions. She goes to Annie's place, desperate to talk about this, only to instead find a shirtless guy there named Max who claims to be Annie's boyfriend. When Annie gets there, she states that she doesn't have a boyfriend, but doesn't tell Max to leave either. He calls it a "labels thing" and leaves the two women to talk. They do and Cassie tells Annie about what happened with her apartment. Annie reveals that she talked with Sabrina, who is now claiming never to have heard of Miranda Croft. She puts in a call to one of her contacts, who reveals that the police in Bangkok have discovered a broken bottle they believe to be the murder weapon. Cassie panics, saying that she's seen Dateline and they focus on one person and she's going to jail. Annie tells her to stop watching Dateline and to stay at her place for a while so she'll be safe.

Cassie seizes on a nugget of information from one of her hallucinations with Alex, a statement of his that his mother didn't like his last girlfriend. She decides to attend Alex's memorial service, hoping she can get information out of Alex's mother, Janet, about Miranda. Things, however, go badly wrong. Once there, she disturbs Alex's fathers Edward's memorial for his son when her smartphone goes off. She then roams around the memorial, getting badly drunk, before encountering Janet, who claims that Alex's last girlfriend wasn't Miranda at all, but somebody named Fiona. She ignores Annie's phone calls telling her to get out of the place because the Sokolovs are laundering money for some very shady people. Instead, she hides and eavesdrops on a phone conversation in which a man says to Janet he shredded the Lionfish files. She then searches the house until she finds the office containing the shredder and tosses the bag of shredded files out the window. She is then caught in the room by Alex's parents, but a timely phone call to a contact by Annie manages to bail her out of the situation before things can turn ugly. She then takes a train home where, searching for a bar car that the train doesn't have, she comes face to face with Miranda Croft.

"Conspiracy Theories"[]

Cassie manages to escape from Miranda Croft, who plays it safe, not wanting to get caught by the authorities. She returns to Annie's place, where Max helps her to piece together the shredded papers that she found. They discover that they contain information that Alex was on the board of Lionfish and details regarding a flight by a company named Minute Jets which runs every day at 3. On the advice of Megan, Cassie contacts a coworker named Nate who agrees to get her on the flight crew for the flight. Prior to the flight, she spends time with her brother Davey, his partner, Rick Green and her nieces Eve and Maya Bowden-Green. Although it seems like a fun time at first, things turn sour when Cassie wants to buy the girls each a small stuffed toy as a gift, but Davey and Rick are against it, wanting to teach the girls a lesson that they don't get everything they want just because they ask for it.

Cassie boards the flight, and is surprised to learn that there's nobody on it except her, Nate, and the pilot. She ultimately learns that the flights are carrying components for rocket launchers and is seriously disturbed. Afterwards, she goes to have dinner with Davey, expecting Nate and her nieces to be there as well. Instead, she finds Davey at the restaurant alone and he chews her out by subverting his will in secretly purchasing the toys for his children. The conversation devolves into a terrible argument in which they bring up all of the ghosts of their past and their troubled relationship with their father. Cassie accuses Davey of walking out on her, leaving her to deal with things on her own when he turned 18. He, in turn, accuses her of having a romanticized view of their past and being their father's favorite, saying that their father called her "the son he never had." He tells her that he hoped she would remember the way things really were, but he was probably just lying to himself, before leaving in a cab. Afterwards, she has a flashback which suggests that his view of things is actually true. Trying to shake things off, she has a date with Buckley, but breaks it off abruptly when she realizes that she might be able to get more information out of Sabrina Oznowich. She heads to Sabrina's apartment, pleading with her to talk with her, but then realizes that Miranda Croft is there. She flees the apartment, calling 911, and pleading for someone to come, but then Sabrina's body crashes on the pavement beside her, dead.

"Other People's Houses"[]

Shocked by what just happened, Cassie spills more information than she should to the FBI agents when they come, aggravating Annie, who is becoming increasingly worried that she won't be able to protect her. The group returns to Annie's apartment, where Annie is forced to deal with the fallout of helping Cassie. Meanwhile, Cassie recalls that Alex mentioned having an apartment in New York and that he sometimes worked from home there. She realizes that, with Max's help, she might be able to get critical information off of his laptop there. She manages to convince him to help and the two of them head to the apartment, where she manages to sweet-talk her way past the door guard based on information from the flashback. They then head up to the apartment, where Cassie's memory again comes in handy when she remembers the passcode to deactivate the security system on the door.

She and Max enter and begin searching for Alex's laptop. Along the way, they discover some very disturbing things, including a stash of Oxycontin pills and a taxidermied door. They eventually discover the laptop, but find that it needs an authentication code sent to a key fob, prompting a further search. Cassie finds the fob, but the two are forced to hide when Miranda Croft sneaks into the apartment. She too discovers the laptop, but upon discovering that it needs the code, smashes it in a fit of rage. Cassie despairs, until she discovers several unopened letters, one of which gives her the location of the Lionfish servers. With this new info in hand, she and Max race to the Lionfish building to get the information they need.

Once there, Max is easily able to hack into the servers, where they discover some very disturbing information. It includes a recording of Cassie's co-worker Megan speaking to someone in Korean as well as several IDs. Among these are Cassie's lost driver's license, marked with the status "pending." They find several other IDs of people who are deceased, and one of somebody named Elena King which is also marked "pending," except the photo on the ID is that of Miranda Croft. Before they can finish transferring any files, however, an error message appears on the computer screen and Max realizes that someone has discovered that they are there right now. They race out of the server room and down a dark alley, only for a car to come barreling at them at high speed. Max pushes Cassie out of the way, taking the full brunt of the impact. Cassie performs chest compressions, shouting for someone, anyone to help.

"After Dark"[]

Following the crash, Cassie waits with Annie for news about Max. However, the two of them have a falling out when Cassie tries to plead about them going to get evidence, and it being on a Hello Kitty flash drive, which she doesn't happen to have. Annie finally has enough and dismisses Cassie, telling her to take her stuff and get out of her apartment. Having hit rock bottom, Cassie calls everyone she knows, not wanting to be alone. She eventually reaches Buckley Ware, who is more than happy to hear from her and tells her to come to his place. The two have sex and Cassie runs from the Alex in her head, saying that she doesn't want to talk with him.

Cassie and Buckley head out on the town for a wild series of escapades. They have breakfast at a bar with formosas, which ends abruptly when Buckley drops his pants in front of Cassie and they are kicked out of the restaurant. Later, they head to a strip club and bar, where Cassie gets very drunk and continues to evade the hallucinatory Alex. She ends up confronting Agent Chavez, an FBI agent who has been tailing her, but he dismisses her as simply nuts and evades her question about him being an FBI agent. She then returns to Buckley's table, telling him she has to fix things with Annie.

She and Buckley head to Annie's apartment, but things do not go well. Annie tells Cassie that she's sick of excusing and forgiving Cassie, that she's not the answer to whatever it is that Cassie's trying to drown out. Cassie counters with some examples of stuff that she's forgiven Annie for before, but Annie tells her that it doesn't compare to Max being hit by a car. Cassie points out that she didn't even know about Max and Annie agrees that she's right, that their friendship only works because they don't show each other the messy bits. Cassie never had to call her a liar and she never had to call Cassie a drunk, but that's what they both are. Cassie protests that she isn't a drunk, but Annie tells her that she doesn't have the emotional bandwidth to fight with her anymore, that she's tapped out. She tells Cassie to grow up and Cassie leaves, shooting back that Annie is going to feel really sorry when she's dead.

Having hit rock-bottom, Cassie tells Buckley that the two of them are going to do something crazy. They find a chained-up mechanical pony, shake it from its chains and pick it up. They take off with it and, of course, are arrested and hauled away by the police. In her jail cell, Cassie has a flashback of a birthday party with her father and Davey. It seems to be a happy party, but then the scene changes and now her father is holding a beer and the two of them are making life miserable for Davey by smashing the cake and Mr. Bowden shoving Davey to the floor when he tries to protest. Cassie, watching with Alex, asks him what's going on, why it changed. He tells her that she's seeing what really happened, but she shouts that he's doing this to her and to stop it. The flashbacks continue and she sees more of the past and how horrible she and her father were to her brother. In her jail cell, she sobs, finally having confronted the reality of her past. She uses her one phone call to call Davey and apologize to him, saying that she wanted their father to be good and the way he acted is kind of her fault. She tells him it's not okay how their father treated him, but he replies that it's not okay how he treated her either. Following the call, she goes to sleep, and is woken by a guard who tells her that she's posted bail. She asks if Buckley did it, but the guard tells her that Buckley is still being held. She leaves the jail and comes face-to-face with Miranda, who points a gun at her. "We need to talk," she tells her.

"Hitchcock Double"[]

Miranda leads Cassie into a garage where Cassie is convinced that she's going to kill her, the same way that she killed Alex and Sabrina and everyone else. When she expresses this, however, Miranda tells her that she didn't kill any of those people and she certainly didn't kill Alex, Cassie did. Cassie replies that she didn't, insisting that she's just a flight attendant, but Miranda is convinced there has to be much more to it than this. Cassie mentions the name "Elena King" and Miranda asks how she knows it, so Cassie explains that she and Max saw it on an ID they found on the Lionfish servers. Something about this rings true to Miranda and she realizes that Cassie really is just a flight attendant. "Wow, we are so fucked," she comments.

Miranda takes Cassie to a cafe, where she reveals the whole story about what happened between her and Alex. She first met him for drinks several weeks before and drank rather more than she should have. She started complaining to him about her boss, Victor, and in the process he learned the truth about his parents' shady activities at Unisphere Asset Management. He was a Boy Scout, having been kept entirely in the dark about it. He then decided to be a hero by hiding a bunch of his clients' money and flying to Bangkok and that's where Cassie comes in.

The two make an agreement and pay a visit to Annie. Cassie manages to get Annie to come out of the hospital and they have a talk in which they manage to resolve their argument, Annie admitting that even though she was very scared about what happened to Max, she should have still tried to listen. Miranda then breaks up their chat and Annie is surprised to learn that she is an actual person and not someone that Cassie simply made up. Cassie's idea is for Annie to get immunity for Miranda, but Annie tells them there's limits to what she can do, given that she no longer even has her position at her law firm. Nevertheless, she tells them to go to a hotel while she puts together a plan.

Cassie likes Annie's idea and agrees to it, but Miranda is skeptical of the plan at best. She tells Cassie that there's no way that Miranda can protect them from Victor's assassin and that they need to flee the country to Canada. She say that she'll get in touch with one of her contacts and tell Annie anything. Cassie lies to Annie, telling her they're going to the hotel, and then she and Miranda takes refuge at a church. Cassie is upset, however, when it turns out that Miranda's contact, Sarah, is busy hosting an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and they're going to have to wait for her. She is eventually overwhelmed by it, despite the hallucinatory Alex's suggestion that she share her troubles, and flees into an empty Bible study classroom. There, she is overwhelmed by the flashback of her and her father's car crash, admitting to Alex that she's told nobody that she blames herself for it, as she was her father's "drinking buddy." She tells him she doesn't want to run anymore and back in reality, she tells Miranda as much as well, that she doesn't just want to leave the country and hide. Miranda tells her that she respects what she's managed to pull off so far, but sooner or later Victor's assassin, Feliks, is going to catch up to them. Cassie, however, counters that she thinks that deep down Miranda still thinks she's going to lead her to the money. She tells her, however, that even blackout drunk, she would have remembered piles of cash lying around. Miranda says that it wouldn't be cash, that it would be account numbers or some such, and Cassie has a flashback of taking the copy of Crime and Punishment from Alex that he had scribbled in.

The two return to Annie's apartment to claim the book. They find it, but just as they do, someone starts trying to break down the door. Convinced that it is Feliks, they flee via a fire escape to the rooftop, but in the process, Miranda drops the book. She tells Cassie that this means Victor has the book and they're dead for nothing. As she continues talking, a comment she makes about "dead cats," sparks something in Cassie's memory. She stealthily glances across the rooftop and spies Buckley Ware. "Holy shit," she realizes as the two of them escape. Cassie tells Miranda she no longer has any idea what's going on, but Miranda counters that Buckley, or Feliks, has had many chances to kill her, but hasn't. Cassie asks they can use what they know about him against him and they hatch a plan to lure him to Rome and kill him.

"Arrivals and Departures"[]

Cassie and Miranda catch a cab, ready to put their plan into action, when suddenly Miranda places a phone call using a burner phone and then bails, saying that she has business to take care of. Cassie is worried that she might be ghosting her, but has no choice but to continue on with the plan. She arrives at the airport and boards the plane, where she gets into an argument with Megan over drinking alcohol. She claims that her vodka bottles are just a "security blanket," but Megan gets upset and shouts at her, saying that she used to admire her. Shane, however, comes up to Cassie, asking for a word with her. He then reconciles with Cassie telling her that both Megan and Jada are driving him nuts. He apologizes for getting so mad about the funeral incident, telling her that he's never lost anyone close to him before and he might have done the same thing in her shoes.

The flight arrives in Rome and inside the airport, Cassie comes face-to-face with Buckley. "Hi," he says to her and when she steps forward, he grabs her and she shouts that he's attacking her. A couple of gate agents break things up and Megan shows up to back up Cassie's story, but leaves when Cassie starts to thank her. Later, Cassie pays a visit to Megan in her hotel room. There, the two finally manage to make things up. Cassie tells Megan that she owes her the truth, admitting that she did spend the night with Alex Sokolov in Bangkok. She tells her that ever since then, her life has been a living hell. Megan is shocked, saying that she thought that she kept things bottled up, and Cassie tells her to lay it her on. She says that they are absolutely friends after traveling the world together. At this, Megan admits the truth of the corporate espionage that she's been committing against her husband, Bill. When Cassie tells her that it's going to be okay, she replies that not everyone gets to be okay, but she hopes she's right.

In a pizza restaurant, Cassie meets up with her friend Enrico, telling him she needs his help. She explains that she needs a gun, shocking him. Nevertheless, after she explains a bit more, he agrees to the request and takes her to his family home. There, he heads inside and asks his grandmother where his grandfather's things are. She refuses to help him, so he begins searching on his own, while she heads out to talk to Cassie. The two of them have a chat about life choices and she again flashes back to her past and the car crash. This time, she has a chat with her younger self. "It's not your fault," she tells the young Cassie, making the decision there and then that this is not going to define her going forward. Back in reality, she lines up her vodka bottles on a wall, leaving them behind as Enrico returns with the gun. She has a hallucination of Alex, badly bloodied, but tells him that she won't remember him like this. She closes her eyes, and reopens them to find him whole and unbloodied. The two of them kiss. In the real world, Cassie and Enrico arrive at Cassie's hotel room. Enrico leaves, and Cassie tells him to knock three times when he comes back.

Later, Cassie is freshening up in the bathroom when she spots something out of the corner of her eye in the bathtub. She pulls back the corner and spots first Miranda lying in the tub unconscious, then Buckley Ware/Feliks standing on top of the tub. She races to try to escape the room, but Buckley catches her up and pulls her away from the door. The two fight, trading barbs, when Enrico arrives. He goes on the attack, but is quickly sidelined by Buckley. Buckley taunts Cassie, telling her that she's like catnip to him and explaining that he's been following her everywhere, in various disguises. She grabs a gun and points it at him, but he tells her that she's a drunk, not a killer. She shoots him, but her aim is off and she only grazes him in the leg. He moves to go on the attack again, but just then, Shane Evans appears and shoots him, delivering a much more serious wound. After the dust settles a bit, Cassie sits outside, watching Enrico being taken to an ambulance on a stretcher, well enough to give her a thumbs up. Shane comes over and she asks what his deal is, how he was able to simply roll into the room with a gun. He tells her that while it's something he probably shouldn't tell her, he's actually an agent for the CIA, and has been monitoring Megan in regards to her corporate espionage. She asks him if Miranda is okay, but he tells her that there was nobody else in the room.

Cassie returns to New York, where she's surprised but delighted to find her brother Davey waiting for her. They embrace and he tells her again that he'll always be there for her as her older brother. Later, she meets Annie in a cafe and thanks her for all that she's done for her. The two share a meal and Cassie learns that Max will be okay. They discuss their futures, Annie suggesting that they get drunk and laugh about everything sometime, but Cassie pulls out a chip, telling her that she's not drinking. She then admits that it's closer to the truth that she's trying not to drink, though it's very hard. Annie tells Cassie that she's unemployed now. She suggest that they collect their unemployment checks together, but Cassie explains that the FBI cleared things up for her with Imperial Atlantic and she actually has a flight the next day. She agrees to pay the bill for their lunch, but when she reaches for her checkbook, she finds the copy of Alex's Crime and Punishment, Alex's ledger book. She discovers a page missing and a note from Miranda - "Took the page and the money, but you should have the book. See you soon - xM." She races outside, looking around, but does not see Miranda. The next day, she boards her flight. She is surprised to see Shane there, but he tells her that he's working and that's all she needs to know right now. However, he also tells her that it's likely that his boss may be in touch with her about their "human asset program." Cassie sits down and enters the hotel room of her mind one final time. She turns out all the lights, putting it to bed for good. Back in the real world, she smiles and nods as voice instructs all flight attendants to prepare for takeoff.


Alex Sokolov[]

Cassie had a one-night stand with Alex Sokolov, then awoke to find him dead on the bed next to her. She chose to flee after cleaning up the room and the blood off herself, having barely any memory of the night before. She is now haunted by hallucinations in which she talks with a version of Alex who seems to know only what she knows, an aspect of her unconscious mind. Talking with the hallucinatory Alex helps Cassie to face certain aspects of both her past and present, and she eventually is able to leave behind the memory of him for good as she moves forward with her life.

Annie Mouradian[]

Annie Mouradian is Cassie's best friend and naturally the person she thinks to turn to when she needs a lawyer. Annie likes Cassie, but is sometimes troubled by her erratic behavior. Despite their closeness, Annie still has been keeping secrets from Cassie, such as an apparent boyfriend named Max, though Annie claims the two of them aren't actually boyfriend and girlfriend. Although Annie and Cassie's relationship goes through a rough patch, ultimately Annie proves to be a true friend to Cassie, risking herself and her career.

Megan Briscoe[]

Megan Briscoe is Cassie's supervisor. Despite this, they are also good friends and Megan considers Cassie to be her best friend, admiring how she seemingly does whatever she wants and people still like her. The personal drama in both of their lives causes them to fall out for a time, but they eventually reconcile and share their deepest truths with each other.

Buckley Ware[]

Buckley Ware, a.k.a. "Feliks," is a man that Cassie meets in a bar. The two have what at first seems like a one-night stand, but they have apparent chemistry with each other and keep going out. In truth, Buckley Ware is secretly an assassin hired by Victor and has been secretly dogging Cassie's footsteps ever since Bangkok. He claims that his attraction to her is genuine, but in truth he is a ruthless killer and the person who really killed Alex Sokolov. Everything Cassie she knows about him is turned upside down upon learning his true identity as Feliks.


As a flight attendant, Cassandra Bowden seems fairly well put together, more than capable of fulfilling her job, traveling internationally, and putting discomfited passengers at ease. However, this confident exterior belies a troubled past and personal worries which she tries to drown out with copious amounts of alcohol and one-night stands. She does not hold up well under questioning, buckling easy to pressure. After waking up to find Alex dead, she develops an obsessive belief that she will be arrested and charged with his murder unless she can solved the case herself. Spurred on by this idea, she begins making a series of risky and questionable decisions. Although she claims that she became a flight attendant because she wanted to help people, a series of revelations is helping her to see that she's really the type of person who is attracted to and excited by disaster. Her experience with Alex Sokolov ultimately changes her and she resolves to go on the wagon, but admits to her friend Annie that it is a real struggle.


Season One


  • In the original The Flight Attendant novel, Cassandra Bowden is revealed to be pregnant at the end of the story and changes herself and her drinking habits in part because of this. In an interview, show creator Steve Yockey stated that this was something that was changed for the television series, as both he and Kaley Cuoco felt that the show they were making was about a woman who decides to change for herself and not for someone else.[2]


"In Case of Emergency"[]



"Conspiracy Theories"[]

"Other People's Houses"[]



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