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Sabrina Oznowich is a character on HBO Max's The Flight Attendant. She is portrayed by Stephanie Koenig.

She is a receptionist for Unisphere Asset Management who may or may not have information about Miranda Croft.



Throughout the Series[]


Cassandra "Cassie" Bowden visits Unisphere Asset Management and observes a statue of a rabbit in the lobby, which Sabrina tells her is named "Heroism in the Face of the Modern World In All of Its Very Many Hardships," a gift from a client. The two of them agree that it's a pompous name and then a woman named Jean Miller from Human Resources comes to get Cassie, who gives her name as "Alessandra Ricci." Cassie claims that she was recommended to Alex Sokolov by a friend who also knows Miranda, and the name seems to get a disturbed reaction from Sabrina, but she claims not to know her. Later, when fleeing the building, Cassie knocks over the rabbit statue, with Sabrina as a witness.

Recalling Sabrina's reaction, Cassie lures her to a bar and the two of them get drunk together. They bond over the broken statue, Sabrina saying that she's glad that Cassie broke it. Cassie again mentions Miranda and Sabrina gives the full name as "Miranda Croft." She tells Cassie that Miranda was the "worst" and that she and Alex were dating, but apparently just recently broke it off. She states that Miranda would often call, screaming and volatile and further says "I'm not saying stalker, but stalker."


Cassie goes to her best friend and lawyer, Annie Mouradian, telling her about Sabrina and suggesting that they have her go FBI agents Kim Hammond and Van White so that she can tell them about Miranda. When Annie meets with Sabrina outside Unisphere, however, she claims that she never had drinks with Cassie and she doesn't know Miranda.

"Conspiracy Theories"[]

Miranda Croft pays a visit to Sabrina. Sabrina asks what she's doing there, claiming that she didn't say anything. She then backpedals and admits that she did, but she was drunk at the time. Miranda tells her that it's alright, that she's only there for a "chat" and she brought cupcakes. Sabrina tells her it's not a good time, but she barges into the apartment anyway. Later, Cassie comes by the apartment, having learned some new information and hoping that Sabrina will talk with her in light of it. She bangs on Sabrina's apartment door, but gets no answer, but then realizes that Miranda is there. She flees, calling 911 and pleading for someone to come, but outside, Sabrina's body crashes to the ground next to her.




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